Hillary Will Continue the Brutal War on Animals for the Cattle Ranchers

Armory of the Revolution

bisonAfter Hundreds Killed in Boundary Hunt, Park Service Captures 150 Wild Bison for Slaughter

The Democratic Obama administration and the Republicans in Montana, continue their brutal war on animals, in service to the cattle industry lobbyists who own their souls.

Hillary Clinton has promised to continue the policies of Barack Obama.

Among the abhorrent policies Barack Obama pursues are the murders of wild Yellowstone bison, the inhumane roundups of wild horses from their homes on federal lands, and the systematic extermination of any and all wildlife complained of by the cattle industry.

It is difficult to imagine a less animal-friendly administration than the Obama administration has been. The animals have nothing to gain from a Hillary Clinton presidency,

Animal activists must act in unison to deny her the Democratic nomination.

And if she is nominated, animal activists must do all in our power to deny her the presidency.

Our task…

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