Animal Activists are the Enemies of Human Civilization

Armory of the Revolution


Animal activists are the enemies of human civilization. And those who are not, should be.

But for our legal system, there is no difference between killing an animal and killing a person.

There is no difference between raping an animal and raping a person.

There is no difference between making a slave of an animal and making a slave of a person.

The distinction is human law. Humans hold themselves above all other life, and have fashioned legal systems to reflect that view.

But morally, one cannot justify the difference between how humans are treated and how other sentient creatures are treated.

The only difference is that we are of different species.

To humans, it makes no difference how intelligent our victims are. No difference how sensitive our victims are. It makes no difference if an animal loves, grieves, laughs, or cries.

The fact that they are of a different…

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