Liberals Fighting for a Republican Court! WTF?

Armory of the Revolution


The degree to which the left has been rendered impotent and irrelevant by both the Democratic and Republican political establishments is evident in the battle over Obama’s attempt to name Merrick Garland to the US Supreme.

Republicans want the next president to make the appointment, hoping a Republican president is elected in November. Democrats are demanding the Senate act on Obama’s nomination.

Progressive Democrats have no reason to applaud the nomination of Garland. He is a right of center Republican, arguably a more reasonable jurist than was Antonin Scalia whom he would replace, but hardly a liberal.

Which leaves progressives effectively having to fight for a conservative justice to be seated because of the possibility that an extreme right wing candidate may be appointed by a victorious Republican president.

To his credit, Bernie Sanders has called on President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Garland.

As a practical matter, there…

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