Trump is Left of Hillary on Trade, Military Intervention

Armory of the Revolution


The political establishment is waging full a full court press against Donald Trump, providing political pundits and media talking heads with an unending supply of scurrilous content and propaganda aimed at taking Trump down.

For decades, the Republican party has been a reliable mouthpiece for Wall Street, Big Oil, the military-industrial complex, et al. Rank and file voters had little control over the party or its leaders, and were frustrated that the only voice they had was through establishment politicians who paid lip service to their conservative social agendas.

Trump has profoundly changed that dynamic. And in doing so has made enemies of all who cannot bribe or control him.

Substantive evaluation of Trump’s positions has been obliterated in the rhetoric of establishment generated hysteria at the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican nominee, or, even worse for the establishment, the next president.

The establishment has enlisted unthinking and easily…

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