WTF is Wrong with Liberals?

Armory of the Revolution


The dog whistlers can certainly get liberals stirred up! One need only observe the vitriol being heaped upon Donald Trump.

Apparently, suspected xenophobia and politically incorrect comments by Trump are far more grave offenses against humanity than are the murders of innocent civilians under the direction of Hillary Clinton.

Liberals have an odd system of values. Offend some ethnic or religious constituency and one is deemed to be following in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler, but support murdering people in civil wars or bombing innocent civilians and one is considered to be experienced in foreign affairs.

The attacks on Trump by liberals are even more baffling considering whom Trump is running against in the Republican primaries: Ted Cruz.

Cruz is a right wing ideologue, opposed to government in general and socialist government in particular. He is as indebted to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Goldman Sachs and Wall Street as is…

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