Mexican and Canadian Brutality to Horses

Armory of the Revolution

horse slaughter

by Marcia Mueller

As we try to stop the round-up of wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), we also need to think about other abuse of horses that receives less attention. One of those abuses is the slaughter of horses for food. Eating horse meat is obviously not an American custom, but it is a tradition in France, China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Scotland.

Three foreign-owned slaughterhouses operated for a while in the United States. However, they were closed when Congress banned spending for USDA inspections after public protests. Many Americans found the idea of eating horses repulsive and unacceptable. Unfortunately, no law was passed to prohibit sending horses to foreign slaughterhouses. Last year alone 140,000 horses were trucked to Canada and Mexico. This year again there was an attempt to fund inspectors for American slaughter facilities, but the ban has remained, and the horses will…

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