Every Candidate is a Lesser Evil. Even Bernie.

Armory of the Revolution

sanders trump

There is all the difference in the world between politics and advocacy.

Those of us who are trying to improve the lives of animals do not have the luxury of selecting candidates with whom we agree on most issues. We must prioritize what can and cannot be accomplished politically. Animal lives hang in the balance while the self righteous throw away their votes on candidates who have not a prayer of winning.

Occasionally we do have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who we feel is perfect.

But that is rare, and usually one who does not make the final cut. For me, such a candidate was Dennis Kucinich, a vegan, an animal rights advocate, a political progressive.

For animals, Sanders is the lesser of two evils.

This election cycle I am supporting Sanders over Clinton. For animals, Sanders is the lesser of two evils, as he is not…

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  1. Voting for an alternative party creates ballot lines for local candidates who can make a difference on the municipal and state level. State Ballot Access laws require such alternative parties to pass a fairly low threshold (usually ranging 1 to 5 percent) to create ballot lines for more local partisan races.

    That’s a FAR BETTER alternative than voting for Hillary.

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