Political Correctness Run Amok. Denying Others the Right to Speak

Armory of the Revolution

trump+rally+attack+plannedPolitical pundits and media talking heads are making much of the demonstration that forced Donald Trump to postpone a rally in Chicago on Friday.

They are complaining of racism and divisiveness. Of fascism and intolerance. And all are quick to suggest that Donald Trump himself is to blame for the clashes of Trump supporters and protesters,

Curious that the discussion has not lead to concerns about free speech, the very cornerstone of American freedom and democracy.

Social media has been filled with rants against Trump and politicians pointing fingers at each other over the deteriorating public discourse, but I have yet to see any commentator or political leader frame the most basic issue these demonstrations present: who gets to exercise free speech in America?

“Politically correct” opponents of Trump engage in the most vile descriptions of him as a Nazi or a fascist as justification for attempts to silence…

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