A Human Extinction Button

Armory of the Revolution


In the late 90s I was Director of Campaigns for Last Chance for Animals, a very small animal rights organization based in Los Angeles. It’s founder and head is Chris DeRose, a former actor who gained notoriety by campaigning against vivisection at UCLA.

Turns out Chris and I shared the view that animals and the planet would be much better off if humans did not exist.

extinction button

Chris constantly opined that there should be an extinction button and that if there were one, he would push it.

Given the scope of the Animal Holocaust, and our inability to reduce it in the slightest, the only way mass exploitation and slaughter of animals would end would be if the human race just disappeared.

We seem to be headed in that direction with being woefully unprepared for, and even dismissive of, climate change.

Fast forward, 2016, and what was a crisis is now…

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