Shoot Slaughterhouse Owners!

Armory of the Revolution

Toward Meaningful Direct Action: A Blueprint for Vigilantism


Direct action by animal liberationists and animal rights activists has been sporadic, unfocused, and ineffective.

We have played the game within the system. We have abjured violence, We have only targeted property. We have failed.

Most animals we free are quickly re-captured by their tormentors. Property we have destroyed is replaced by insurance claims. The animals we saved enjoy only temporary freedom before they are gassed or electrocuted.

The most serious damage we inflict on animal abusers is to raise their insurance premiums.


A new paradigm of action on behalf of animals is needed. A new vision. A new plan. We must recognize that only the use of force will make a difference for animals trapped in the food system or the victims of animal agriculture.

Animal Rights advocates are a threat to the state. We are the enemies of the US…

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  1. I would gladly give my life for animals. Yet I do not think it will help in any way. As long as there is demand, there will be supply in the animal killing business. Our “fellow” humans are the ones who keep the demand going through their insatiable desire for tortured flesh, milk, bones, skin, intestines, eyes and all the other murdered animal parts. This “appetite” for death gives greedy agribusiness all the demand they need with their only goal being profit. Kill one, and ten others will spring up, offering even cheaper (meaning more brutal) animal parts. I don’t have the answer, but having the only decent people (animal rights activists) locked up in prison seems to be exactly what agribusiness wants. Ahimsa.

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