Vote From The Roof Tops

Armory of the Revolution


Unjust laws and unjust governments can be made to change through the political process or through rebellion. Most who advance complaints about laws or government are too few to succeed at rebellion. Government is a formidible enemy, and those who wish to prosecute rebellion must be prepared to die in the effort.

Our current corrupt political system of two political parties, is, for all practical purposes, owned by special interests, Wall Street, and the military-industrial complex, is not only unjust as a matter of course, but is actually evil by any objective standard.

Our government presides over child poverty, millions of people without healthcare, corporate welfare on the backs of taxpayers, military adventurism, war crimes against civilians in foreign lands, institutional racism and bigotry, local police forces which commit murder upon citizens of color.

The Democratic party is controlled by Wall Street and special interests, just as is the Republican…

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