Animal Liberation: The Next Step

Armory of the Revolution

This post, like most of my articles, is aimed at radicalizing the animal movement. In the scheme of things, all our efforts are futile and failures. Our courses of action do nothing to slow down, let alone stop, the Animal Holocaust.

We touch a few animals here and there, but for most animals it is as though the animal movement does not exist.

ar_calf The most radical elements within the animal movement are thought to be liberationists. I know and respect Ronnie Lee, the founder of the ALF (Animal Liberation Front), but critics of animal liberationists correctly argue that the few animals released or facilities damaged really accomplish little and cost the movement a great deal in lost activists, in the support of those incarcerated, and in the drains on financial resources that might be otherwise more productively expended.

But the criticism of animal liberation I believe to be misdirected. The…

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