Animal Liberationists: Why We Must Take The Fight To Human Targets

Armory of the Revolution

closedBy definition, terrorism is violence against the innocent.

Terrorist organizations hope to influence the actions of governments by paralyzing populaces with fear and uncertainty.

We see these tactics employed by jihadist Muslims, right wing hate groups, and radical separatists. Government response, predictably, is repression and fascist legislation. Voices of reason and of tolerance are drowned out by demagogues and political opportunists.

In the US, the irony of such a reaction is that the very police that the public demands protect it in fact kill nine times as many Americans as do terrorists.

In attempt to demonize and intimidate animal liberationists, animal exploitation and murder industries directed two of their wholly owned Senators (Democrat Feinstein of California and Republican Inhofe of Oklahoma) to co-author and introduce the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act (AETA – subsequently signed into law by fascist president George W Bush) which makes animal liberation a federal crime and…

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